Be a Cyber Aware SME

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You’ve heard about some cyber attacks by now… big brands getting splashed across the news with the private information of millions of people being offered up for sale on the dark web.

The reality is that MOST cyber criminals are not targeting the big end of town… they’re targeting you.

In the day-to-day shadows of cybercrime, many small businesses are being targeted as ‘easy pickings’ because:

  • you have unsecured invoicing
  • you have single-layer security on your emails and websites
  • you have client data that you only think you’re protecting because it’s in the cloud.

You’re really making it far too easy for them.

You’ve done everything right in your business so far. As a small business owner you’ve taken care of registrations and licences, tax requirements, payroll processing, insurance coverage, WH&S… You now need to add CYBER SECURITY to this very boring but very ESSENTIAL list.

During this session, we’ll cover

  1. what the real risks are
  2. common threats and scams
  3. what steps you need to take to start protecting yourself and your business
  4. resources you can access to assist.

You didn’t pour your sweat and tears into building your business to have someone crash it down in one foul swoop! Building your knowledge in this area is a must-do.

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You can review the presentation that was given by Rhonwyn about Cyber Security Issues for Small Business here.