May Conference Speakers

Jane Sleight-Leach

Life 2 Project

With Logan being the Domestic Violence capital of Queensland, Jane’s presentation will undoubtedly be an eye-opener for many of us, as she educates us about:

  • How our communities are really impacted by long term trauma,

  • Recovery based understanding from lived experience,
  • Why choice matters in healing and recovery from trauma, and
  • How the Logan Business Community can get behind the healing movement.

Melissa Harvey


Melissa will provide an overview of and discuss the following:

  • Is your business in the right structure?

  • What is a business structure?

  • What are your obligations as an employer?

  • What are the consequences of getting it wrong?


Scott Beattie

Cube Central

Scott Beattie is a finance and insurance industry veteran, starting his career in 1990. His presentation will be highlighting your business point of difference – when there is no difference.


Helen Cowley

Small Business Improvement Services

Join us as Helen take us on a journey where we can Reboot Our Thinking! Helen’s presentation will be an engaging opportunity to change our way of thinking. She will share a strong message for us to stop, rethink the possibilities for improvement, and not make excuses for change.  


  • Reboot and Rethink – Foster Self-Awareness and Overcome Defensive Thinking
  • Identify and make a commitment to ongoing growth and development through the Business Management Wheel of Growth.
  • Embrace your commitment to continual learning and improvement through systematic approaches.
  • Embrace the idea of having external support and input such as a business coach.

Tanya Euler

Artifex Marketing Studio

Tanya Euler will delve into the potential of two indispensable tools for modern businesses: QR Codes and Artificial Intelligence (AI). With an eye toward practical application, Tanya will explore how these technologies can revolutionise the way your business engages with its audience.

The key takeways will be:

  • Discover the diverse potential QR Codes have for generating engagement and growth
  • 3 Rules to remember when using AI in your business marketing
  • Learn how AI-powered tools can optimise your website content for improved search engine rankings
  • ChatGPT prompt strategies for beginners for better results



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