Reboot Your Thinking with Helen Cowley

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Helen Cowley is the Director and Principle Consultant, Coach, Trainer and Mentor with Small Business Improvement Services (SBIS). She is a seasoned professional with over three decades of experience dedicated to fostering the growth and success of small businesses, especially those in Logan.

In 2024, the Logan Small Business Conference and Showcase will embark on a journey to refresh our mindset and overcome barriers that hinder personal and professional growth; to change how we think and overcome the things that stop us from growing in our business. We will look at how sometimes we think we’re better at things than we really are, and how being aware of our strengths and weaknesses can help our businesses grow. Being aware of ourselves not only helps us learn, but also helps us adapt and come up with new ideas as the world changes.

Through the “Business Management Wheel of Growth”, we discover those focus areas where we can improve our businesses.

Helen’s presentation is a strong message for us to stop, rethink the possibilities for improvement, and not make excuses for change. By doing this, we can make our businesses stronger and clearer about our goals. After all, “you can make excuses or you can change and improve but you can’t do both”.

The Key Takeaways are:

  • Reboot and Rethink – Foster Self-Awareness and Overcome Defensive Thinking
  • Identify and making a commitment to ongoing growth and development through the “Business Management Wheel of Growth”.
  • Embrace your commitment to continual learning and improvement through systematic approaches.
  • Embrace the idea of having external support and imput such as a business coach.

Helen Cowley’s Background

Helen’s journey reflects a deep-seated commitment to various facets of business development, including consulting, coaching, training, and mentoring. Beyond her business endeavors, Helen has actively engaged with the community, contributing her expertise to local, state, and federal government programs and associations. Some of Helen’s notable roles include:

  • Mentor for TAFE Small Business Solution program
  • Mentoring 4 Growth program for an awe-inspiring 18 years
  • Lecturer in Business Planning units at the University of the Sunshine Coast.
  • Eight years at the helm of a Chamber of Commerce
  • Award Judge for a number of business award events
  • Interviews on radio and TV, such as Channel Nine’s “Today Show” with Karl Stefanovic
  • Award Winner of the Logan Chambers of Commerce 2018 Employment Training and Consultancy Award

Helen has a very broad range of interests and loves a good intelligent conversation on all sorts of topics.

On a personal note, Helen loves gardening and confesses to an orchid addiction (at the moment). She also has a very eclectic love of music from classic to the likes of “King Social”. She also designed and made all her own clothes up until starting a family and children came along.

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You can download the presentation slides Helen Cowley gave at the conference – Reboot Your Thinking: Unblock Your Defences and Excuses here.