International Celebrity Attending Logan Business Conference

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😵‍💫 Zoinks … news just in!

Thursday 27th April 09:09am

We have caught the eye of an international celebrity and legend who wants 💥IN💥 for our Small Business Conference & Showcase.

Due to security issues around his attendance, we can only give you a hint and can’t announce publicly, who it actually is … “It looks like we have ourselves a mystery”

On another note, we only have ONE TICKET left to full capacity, so if you have been thinking about coming, I’d get on it right away!

Read the surprise announcement

Thursday 27th April 10:59am

STOP the Press! We are SOLD OUT!

This equates to over 80 Local Small Business being represented on the day 💪

A huge thank you to the team behind organising this! As most of you are aware, this is a non-profit exercise and just a couple of local business owners, pooling their resources to celebrate and showcase our amazing business community.