Get Your Business Automated – It’s Easier Than You Think

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I noticed a gap in the business world when it comes to business admin processes and procedures. I was often told “That’s how it’s always been done”. What I realised was that business owners didn’t have the time and/or (sometimes) skills to update their admin processes to suit their growing business.

When it comes to your processes and procedures it needs to be a proactive rather than a reactive approach. Auditors, safety regulators and the government (like the ATO) all rely on your procedures and documentation to tell them the story of your compliance and efficiency. If your story is outdated, you will pay. Most business owners get to the point where they are relying on staff to help them write their story and for most organisations the admin team are the first impression a client gets.

Having the right team that represents your business, its values and carries out their duties with pride and accuracy, is imperative to a successful business.

Business Process AutomationBusiness Process Automation

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Presentation Overview

Automating your business is easier than you think! The process of automation simplifies all areas of a business by accomplishing tasks that you would have to manually, automatically!

Every business needs some aspect of Automation within their business, doesn’t matter what you offer!

We focused on 3 key areas of automation within your business that everyone can relate to and what programs are on offer to help you make the process easy.

  1. Admin (Office Management)
    • Make routine to-do’s more efficient – manage your day effectively
    • Responding to clients – email templates!
  2. Customer Service
    • Making it easy for your clients to ask for help
    • Sending appointment reminders
  3. Engagement
    • Client satisfaction
    • Referrals

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