Organic Simplicity

My Story

I have always loved beauty; I remember watching my mum getting dressed and putting her make up on as I was growing up. I have had a few jobs over the years but nothing ever felt quite right and so I took a
leap of faith and jumped into a Diploma of Beauty Therapy, which I loved and I have never looked back.

I enjoyed working in a couple of different beauty salons for a few years and in that time decided I wanted to own my own studio with the opportunity to offer personalised therapies. We then wanted to
create a private, comfortable space that was detached from our home and Organic Simplicity was born.

From there, I fell in love with the skin and completed numerous courses including Dermaplaning, Hydrabrasion, Microdermabrasion, Microneedling, LED and Ultrasonic. These allow me to treat all skin
types and conditions with my combination therapy treatments.

I have tailored each combination therapy to specific skin conditions to create a supercharged treatment that will ensure you get to your skin goals faster, with longer lasting results. I have also married natural
skin care products to each treatment.

I would love to offer a 15% discount off any of my combination therapies to anyone who mentions Logan Small Business Conference.

Thank you, Emma.