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My current, and possibly most challenging, role in my career path to date is “Mrs Chaplin, of Chaplin Screens” navigating the online marketing and everyday management of our business, whilst maintaining the risk management compliance, through CM3, demonstrating our Occupational Health & Safety / Work Health and Safety Practices.

Career Highlights

1990, after returning from a 2-year contracted work period in the U.K, I joined a private hairdressing college in Melbourne, and held the role of Vice Principal, to what became the largest private hair and beauty private college in Australia, entering the new millennium.  My role with the college was reviewed upon relocating to Queensland in 2010, after 20 years in Melbourne, when I accepted the role as the “Compliance Manager”, commuting between states, for the next 7 years.

The college growth initially was expansive, and grew to 8 regional Victorian campuses,  all requiring structure and guidance, with requirements to be compliant with all government identities, individually and collectively, under the college banner.

Compliance covered a broad range of responsibilities and interactions across many authorities and departments, the following, and their predecessors to name a few.

  • ASQA: The Australian Skills Quality Authority
  • IMMI: The Department of Home affairs; Immigration and Citizenship. Dealing with international student’s, skilled migration work programs and student visas.
  • DEET: Department of Education, Employment and Training
  • The Victorian Skills Gateway, student eligibility for funding programs.
  • WORKSAFE: Compliance and governance across the 8 regional campuses in Victoria.
  • Department of Health and Human Services Victoria – Local Council

So voluntarily, and with no actual reference or benefit to my current “Mrs Chaplin Tradie” role, I have willingly offered my years of educational compliance knowledge, through training and work experiences, in supporting our local business community.

Managing Your Workplace ComplianceManaging Your Workplace Compliance

You can download the speaker presentation slides for the Managing Your Workplace Compliance presentation here.

Presentation Overview

Tanya provided an overview of the Work Health and Safety minimum requirements, referencing the 23 Codes of Practice regulated in Queensland, to assist in achieving your legal standards.

She discussed the Responsibilities of the sole trader and self-employed, to company and partnership entities, why & when you need to be compliant, and how to manage your compliance, at a minimum level, on a regular basis.

Reference the Risk Management Assessment Planning process, and providing solutions for business support & growth, for small to large-scale entities.

This is not a complete training session, it is an overview to start you thinking and to review your existing, best practice, of mandatory business WHS compliance.